What We Do

InfraShare acts as an independent “honest broker” between natural resource companies, host governments, community groups and other stakeholders, developing and implementing shared-use solutions that:

  • are fair and investable
  • are based on sound commercial and financial principles
  • sustainably address the reasonable and achievable expectations of stakeholders

We employ a proprietary approach to achieve consensual solutions, drawing upon our knowledge of shared-use systems globally, which encompasses:

  • models used in the mining, power, energy, telecom and transportation sectors
  • key lessons learned, and the evolution of global best practices

InfraShare can, where appropriate, assist stakeholders to implement sustainable shared-use infrastructure solutions, including:

  • establishing independent infrastructure vehicles
  • implementing contractual structures
  • arranging capital raising for existing or new infrastructure assets
  • processing access applications and tariff adjustments in a fair and equitable manner, applying pre-agreed principles
  • managing the legal, contractual and commercial aspects of infrastructure modifications or expansions
  • providing independent and credible expert determination facilities

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