Our Principles

InfraShare is fully committed to operating its business in accordance with the highest business and ethical standards.  We have developed detailed “InfraShare Principles”, which set out the guiding principles on which our business is based and the operational and related standards that apply to our infrastructure projects.

InfraShare Principles are available to anyone upon request (info@infra-share.org), and are summarised below:

  • Our core principles and values

    Operation of shared-use infrastructure

    Shared-use infrastructure facilities are essential for multiple stakeholders and must be operated in a way that ensures:

    – fair and equitable treatment for all users, free from actual or perceived conflicts of interest
    – sustainable and responsible stewardship

    Critical role of host government in infrastructure

    The role of host governments in the planning, structuring and implementation of shared-use infrastructure projects is critical:

    – to ensuring that the infrastructure succeeds in catalysing broad-based economic development
    – to achieving a sustainable framework upon which users can make informed business decisions
    – to enabling the infrastructure to be independently owned, operated and financed

    Fair access and tariff regime

    Access to shared-use infrastructure and related tariffs should be governed by clear, objective and transparent rules that are based on global best practices. These should be applied by an independent entity, following procedures that are fair and transparent. All access and tariff decisions should be subject to independent review or oversight by an independent expert body or a credible regulatory authority.

    Anticipating shared-use scenarios

    The technical, legal and financing arrangements for critical infrastructure initially developed to support mining or similar activities should:

    – anticipate likely future shared-use scenarios
    – be sufficiently flexible to accommodate infrastructure expansions and capacity enhancements that may be required   by additional users

    Founder rights

    Large mining or other companies that enter into long term, firm “take-or-pay” commitments to support the initial financing of infrastructure, should be granted a package of “founder rights” commensurate with the risks they have assumed. Such rights can include:

    – long-term priority access rights
    – favourable access charges, relative to other industrial users

    but must not impose unreasonable costs or operational constraints on future infrastructure users.

    Fair investment returns for infrastructure investors

    Investors in infrastructure projects are entitled to a reasonable rate of return, taking account of the risks that they are exposed to. Often, the most effective and efficient way to develop and finance infrastructure is to employ a “utility model” in which the charges paid by users are sufficient to cover the infrastructure owner’s financing and operating costs.

    Transfer of infrastructure ownership to the host state

    Where ownership of infrastructure by the host state is not initially practicable for financing or other reasons, a BOT-type approach should be adopted to ensure eventual state ownership of critical shared-use infrastructure.

  • Operational and related standards


    InfraShare is committed to an incident and injury free workplace at its infrastructure projects. Our goal is zero harm. Full and consistent implementation of InfraShare’s safety standards, systems and procedures is required at all projects in which we are involved.

    InfraShare is committed to building a sustainable safety culture that requires visible and committed leadership, a high level of participation from employees and contractors, and the development of a learning and an actively caring workplace.

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures require its project operators to focus on hazard identification, risk analysis and risk management, including identifying low likelihood events that, if they happened, could have major consequences.


    InfraShare is committed to protecting health and wellbeing. InfraShare recognises that healthy and productive employees are essential to the success of our projects, and we are committed to preventing new cases of occupational illness through the identification, evaluation and control of workplace exposures and the implementation of health and wellbeing programmes.

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures will address our most important health issues, including through education, training and systems. We are committed to managing HIV/AIDS risk, including though establishing or participating in community health programmes in the areas where our projects operate.


    InfraShare will respect the rights and dignity of employees in all of our infrastructure projects, and its committed to promoting a harmonious workplace that is free of intimidation, discrimination or coercion of any kind.

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures will:

    – prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, gender, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, politics, or on   the basis of any personal characteristic protected by law, yet retain the right of project operators to make exceptions   to favour local employment where local laws provide;

    – value diversity highly, and welcome employees from a wide range of cultures and races, and treat genders equally;

    – forbid using inappropriate language in the workplace, including profanity, swearing, vulgarity or verbal abuse;

    – forbid the use of coercion, intimidation or harassment in the workplace, including threats, intimidation, bullying,   and subjecting individuals to ridicule or exclusion;

    – forbid sexual harassment, which includes unwanted sexual advances, sexual jokes, subtle or overt pressure for   sexual favours, sexual innuendoes, and offensive propositions;

    – forbid the use of, forced or child labour;

    – recognise the right of all employees to choose to belong or not belong to a union and to seek to bargain   collectively;

    –  implement equitable and transparent remuneration systems;

    – forbid the possession or consumption of illegal drugs, or employees to be impaired by alcohol or drugs while   working on InfraShare business or premises; and

    – promote the improvement of employment skills and competencies through regular performance reviews and   undertaking education, training and coaching as appropriate.

    Security and business resilience

    InfraShare is committed to protecting its employees, project assets and reputation, and ensuring the resilience of project operations when confronted by crises, site disasters or any instance that might affect business continuity.

    Human rights

    InfraShare supports and respects human rights consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and actively seeks to ensure it is not complicit in human rights abuses committed by others.

    InfraShare will maintain policies and procedures to manage the human rights dimensions of its infrastructure projects. InfraShare will promote sound relationships and avoid civil conflict wherever such projects operate. InfraShare respects and supports the dignity, wellbeing and rights of its employees, their families and the communities where its projects operate. Where those rights are threatened, InfraShare will seek to have international standards upheld and avoid situations that could be interpreted as tolerating human rights abuses.

    Communities and indigenous peoples

    InfraShare is committed to building enduring relationships with our neighbours that demonstrate mutual respect, active partnership, and long term commitment.

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures will ensure that community relations work is integrated into project and operational planning. InfraShare will endeavour to accommodate the different cultures, lifestyles, preferences, heritage and perceptions of our neighbours. InfraShare respects the diversity of indigenous peoples, acknowledging the unique and important interests that they have in the land, waters and environment as well as their history, culture and traditional ways. InfraShare will promote collaborative engagement at international, national, regional, and local levels. InfraShare will work hard to ensure that communities are consulted, in a format and language they understand, before we open new operations, while we operate existing facilities and when we close facilities at the end of their productive lives. InfraShare will encourage local communities actively to participate in the economic activity resulting from our operations and will support regional and community-based projects that contribute to sustainable development, without creating dependency.

    Land access

    InfraShare will seek to obtain the widest possible support for our proposals throughout the lifecycle of our infrastructure projects. InfraShare’s projects will access and use land, rehabilitate unavoidable impacts and work with local communities and indigenous peoples to help with their needs in the most effective manner practicable. In particular, InfraShare projects operators will engage in ongoing consultation with local and indigenous people, public authorities and others affected.

    InfraShare will be thorough in assessing the effects of its infrastructure projects in advance, particularly in areas of high conservation or heritage value. InfraShare project operators will aim to work with others to monitor and mitigate its impact.

    InfraShare’s goal is to bridge gaps between legislated and customary arrangements by understanding the issues involved. Where property is directly affected by InfraShare’s projects, the consequences will be assessed and appropriate compensation mutually agreed.


    InfraShare is committed to excellence in environmental performance, and ensuring responsible asset stewardship is essential to our business success.

    InfraShare will ensure that its infrastructure projects meet internationally recognised environmental standards and commitments.

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures will enable it effectively to manage environmental risks, identify opportunities to improve environmental management at every stage of the life of our projects. Wherever possible, InfraShare will prevent, or otherwise minimise, reduce and remedy disturbance of the environment.

    InfraShare will endeavour to minimise the impact of its operations on biodiversity, and to protect the ecosystems on which it depends.

    Conflicts of interest

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures will require that its employees’ personal activities and interests do not conflict with their responsibilities to InfraShare. In particular, such policies and procedures will address conflicts of interest arising through:

    –  InfraShare employees’ outside work or employment;

    –  InfraShare employees’ outside business relationships with, or interest in, a supplier, customer or competitor;

    –  a business relationship on behalf of InfraShare with any person who is a relative or a personal friend of an    InfraShare employee, or with any company controlled by such a person;

    –  InfraShare employees’ influence or control over the job evaluation or compensation of any person who is a relative    or partner;

    –  InfraShare employees’ personal use or sharing of InfraShare confidential information for profit; and

    –  InfraShare employees’ acceptance of personal benefits, such as something more than a modest gift or    entertainment, from a person or organisation dealing, or expecting to deal, with InfraShare in any type of business    transaction.

    Bribery and corruption

    InfraShare will not offer, promise, give, demand or accept any undue advantage, whether directly or indirectly, to or from:

    – a public official;

    – a political candidate, party or party official;

    –  a community leader or other person in a position of public trust; or

    –  any private sector employee (including a person who directs or works for a private sector enterprise in any    capacity) in order to obtain, retain or direct business or to secure any other improper advantage in the conduct of business.

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures will prohibit bribery and corruption in all forms, whether direct or indirect. In particular, InfraShare’s policies and procedures will address the risk that commercial agency arrangements and charitable contributions can be used as a cover for bribery.

    Gifts and entertainment

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures will prohibit gifts and entertainment being given or received as a reward or encouragement for a favour or preferential treatment.

    Fair business practices

    InfraShare will carry out its business fairly and with integrity.

    In procurement, InfraShare projects will provide a fair evaluation and selection process to all prospective suppliers, subject to complying with any contractual restrictions or legal obligations to which InfraShare is subject.

    InfraShare will be open and honest in its business dealings with users, and prospective users, of its infrastructure projects, and will act fairly and impartially with making decisions affecting those users and prospective users.

    Protection of confidential information and personal data

    InfraShare’s policies and procedures will protect the confidentiality of proprietary and other sensitive information supplied to InfraShare by users and prospective users of, and other key stakeholders in, its infrastructure projects.


    Subject to protecting third party confidential information, InfraShare will endeavour to be as transparent and open as possible with key stakeholders including users and prospective users of its infrastructure projects, governments, non-governmental organisations and community organisations. In particular, InfraShare will publish on its website information for each of its projects with respect to its policies and procedures, contractual commitments, financial performance and condition, investors, operating metrics, executive compensation arrangements and regulatory matters.

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