• Facilitating Shared-Use Infrastructure Solutions

    InfraShare addresses the urgent need for sustainable, shared-use infrastructure solutions that exists in many developed and developing countries. Learn more...

  • Effective Stakeholder Engagement

    We work closely with governments, natural resource companies and community groups to understand their infrastructure needs and priorities, and apply our expertise and know-how to devise "win-win" shared-use solutions Learn more...

  • Finding a Way Through

    As an independent "honest broker," InfraShare can overcome competitive issues and government capacity constraints that often stand in the way of achieving rational shared-use infrastructure solutions. Learn more...

Sustainable Shared-Use Solutions

We focus exclusively on facilitating and implementing comprehensive, workable and sustainable solutions that enable the development and financing of shared-use infrastructure projects around the world.

Our proprietary approach respects and addresses the legitimate interests and concerns of all stakeholders, including governments, natural resource companies, community groups and investors.

Application Across Multiple Sectors

We achieve “win-win” solutions for the shared-use of:

  • railways
  • port facilities
  • pipelines
  • power generation plants
  • power transmission lines
  • other infrastructure

by companies operating in the:

  • mining
  • oil and gas
  • agriculture
  • passenger transportation
  • power distribution

and other sectors.

Global Experience, Independent Perspective

Our global perspective on shared-use infrastructure challenges and opportunities, and our experience across multiple industry sectors, enables us to develop and deliver creative, “best-in-class” solutions.

We are entirely independent of natural resource companies and other infrastructure users, and their customers, enabling us to deliver and implement solutions that are balanced and free from conflicts-of-interest.

Project Implementation and Financing

We support the formation of independent infrastructure vehicles, the implementation of comprehensive contractual structures, and the obtaining of project debt and equity funding.

We also advise on, and can administer, independent expert determination mechanisms, which are often required to support shared-use infrastructure projects.